What Makes Newsworthy?

News is information about recent happenings, broadcast on radio or TV or printed in a newspaper or magazine. The word is derived from the Latin for new, and it refers to information that has not been presented before. It also refers to a presentation of this information in a way that the audience will be interested in hearing or reading.

What makes a story newsworthy varies from society to society, but there are some basic characteristics that all news stories share. First, there needs to be an element of drama. If something happens that does not have a clear good and bad outcome, it is not likely to make the news.

There also must be a significance to the event that goes beyond one person’s life. An example of this would be a war or a natural disaster that affects many people. An even that does not affect as many people is unlikely to make the news, unless it involves a very important person.

People are very interested in their health, and that is reflected in the types of news that are covered. It is common for the news to contain information about traditional remedies, medical research, diseases, hospitals and clinics.

People also like to read or hear about famous people. This is why there are many news stories about celebrities and what they do or say. Lastly, there is always interest in controversies and things that are controversial.

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