What Is Technology?


Technology is the application of science and math to a range of human activities. It also influences the course of history and the nature of human societies. The invention of agriculture and sanitation has resulted in the explosion of population, while weapons like bows and arrows and gunpowder changed wars and the development of the microprocessor has revolutionized writing and computing. It has also helped to drive urbanization, as well as the interdependence of economies worldwide.

Technology involves many resources and people to implement. Materials, tools, knowledge, know-how, energy, and environmental considerations must be considered when designing a new technology. It can also require training personnel to operate and maintain it, which adds to costs. It can also have unforeseen side effects, such as creating a new virus.

Technology is used in healthcare to help monitor the health of patients. Smartwatches and implanted devices can provide health monitoring capabilities and can track biometric data. Another example of technology in healthcare is the Global Positioning System, or GPS. GPS uses satellites orbiting the earth to pinpoint a person’s location. It can be used to give real-time directions, monitor the transit of different objects, and record precise time measurements. This technology is now embedded in a wide variety of devices and tracking systems.

Technology in education includes the installation of technology in educational institutions, and software for classroom use. Computers are an integral part of many educational institutions. They can be used for various purposes, including teaching, learning, and administration.

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