What Is News?


News is the information that presents current and interesting events, obtained from everywhere at every time, to the public. It is transmitted in a fast and objective way and usually adheres to journalistic principles. Until recently, it was only through newspapers that people could learn the news but now it is also available on television and the Internet.

A successful news article contains a headline which is catchy and tells the reader what the article is about. The title should include the main subject of the story, such as a fire, earthquake, or political event. It should also include the location where the news occurred and how many people are affected.

The body of the news article consists of several parts: an introduction which states what the story is about, followed by several paragraphs that present the facts of the incident. The last part of the article is a conclusion which restates what the story is about and provides any potential future developments relating to it.

Throughout history, people have been interested in the things that affect them directly or indirectly. Government proclamations, royal ceremonies, laws, taxes, crops, weather and criminals have been deemed worthy of news coverage. Other topics of interest include entertainment, fashion and food.

Some people are interested in celebrities and the lives they lead. Stories about them can make the news when they rise or fall from popularity, are in a scandal or get married or divorced. Health is another issue of concern to many and so people are interested in medical research, diseases, hospitals and clinics. Sex is something that all societies are concerned about although they may not talk openly about it.

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