What Is News?


News is an informational source that provides a sense of what’s happening in the world. It includes stories about war, government, politics, education, health, the environment, the economy, business, sport, and other events that people might find interesting or important.

News comes in a variety of forms and is delivered by different media, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet. Each medium presents news in a slightly different way, so audiences will receive a different persective of what’s happening.

The news of an event is usually presented to the public as soon as it happens, but some drama may be added later on. For instance, if there is a plane crash in India and there are a lot of deaths, the story will be covered immediately by the media. But as the days go by and more information becomes available, the reporter covering the story might discover that there was a young child on board with his parents who were killed in the crash.

Another form of conflict is when a station has to decide whether or not to include an item on the news line-up that might be of interest to its advertising clients. For example, if a grocery store is having a sale and a customer misses the bus to work, the gatekeepers have to decide whether or not to include that information on the TV news line-up.

Generally, the decision about what will be included in the news is made by editors or other people within the news organization. These are called gatekeepers or news directors, depending on which medium the news is being delivered.

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