What Is Fashion?

Fashion is a form of expression, a medium to create style statements. It is something that is constantly changing and evolving with time. Fashion is not limited to clothing, but also includes jewellery, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. In the modern era, fashion has become a cult with youngsters blindly imitating models and celebrities. They are ignoring the true essence of fashion, which is all about self-expression and creativity.

A new trend can start when people of high cultural status (such as a movie star or politician) begin to wear something in a different way, which then influences the styles worn by those with less-than-high social status. This process can be illustrated by the popularity of a song or style of dress in the 1950s when blue jeans and t-shirts became popular due to their comfort, durability, and availability to the working class.

A style can be a sign of identity and culture, but it can also be used as a form of protest against oppressive systems. For example, when the Iranian government began requiring women to cover their heads in public, many young women protested by wearing a headscarf as a symbol of solidarity and defiance. The same idea can be seen in the fashion community as designers and consumers alike embrace “ethical fashion” by supporting companies that use eco-friendly materials, promote ethical production practices, and reduce waste. These sustainable methods of production help preserve the environment as well as support small businesses and individuals.

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