Types of News

News is information about current events that has been broadcast on TV, aired on the radio (or podcasts), printed in newspapers or displayed online. It may also be written about on blogs, in opinion sections of magazines or newspaper articles and in a variety of other sources.

A good news article should contain enough facts about the subject matter that people are able to form their own opinions. The article should be factually correct and include a good conclusion that restates the leading statement or statement of opinion (thesis) of the piece. It is appropriate for the writer to add some of their own personal opinion within the context of the article but it should be clearly labelled as such.

It is also appropriate for the writer to use quotes in a news story. This can help to personalize the article and make it more relatable to a wider audience.

In some types of journalism, it is inappropriate for the writer to add their own opinion – in these cases it can be better to let the subject of the story do the talking and give them a chance to speak for themselves. For example, if you are writing about a new scientific breakthrough, try to get an expert in that area to comment.

Some types of news can be upsetting or confusing for kids. These kid-friendly news sources can help break down complex or scary stories for a younger audience and make them more digestible.

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