The Importance of Religion in World of Warcraft


Religion provides a sense of moral guidance, a connection to tradition and, according to some studies, a more positive outlook on life. It has been linked to reduced rates of divorce, out-of-wedlock births, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, prejudice and stress. Many people who practice religion also find that it makes them more empathetic to others and more open-minded.

In fact, the concept of religion is often seen as a taxon for social practices that are universal across human cultures. Some scholars use a functional definition of the term, drawing on Emile Durkheim and Paul Tillich, in which membership is defined not by the presence or absence of belief in unusual realities but by the role that beliefs and practices play in society.

The ubiquity of religion raises interesting philosophical questions, particularly in regard to the relationship between structure and agency. The fact that a wide range of practices can be grouped under the label of religion has led some to argue that the very notion is a construction, and that we should shift our attention away from hidden mental states to the visible institutions that produce them.

Beliefs have a huge impact on your civilization, as they can boost culture, increase gold income, provide combat bonuses and more! Choosing the best ones to fit your strategy can be a tricky task, so choose wisely to maximize their effects. Remember that any Beliefs you choose can be replaced later in the game by newer options, so it’s worth trying out a few different combinations of Religions to see what works best for your strategy!

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