The Benefits of Playing Team Sport

Team sport

Throughout the world, athletes of all ages and from all walks of life join together to play team sport. These sports require a high level of physical activity and are fun, healthy ways to get exercise and build social networks. Team sports also teach important lessons about how to work as a member of a group. These include working with others to achieve a common goal, overcoming challenges and fostering friendships that extend beyond the locker room.

Unlike most groups, team sports often have a strict set of guidelines governing internal processes and outputs. For example, only five members can play at a time on a basketball team and each player must perform to a certain standard. Furthermore, the league to which a team belongs can stipulate its budget, the maximum number of athletic scholarships it can award and even when it can start practicing.

In addition to requiring physical strength and endurance, most team sports also demand mental toughness and dedication. These lessons are a great way for children to develop the resilience needed to overcome obstacles and succeed in school, business or other areas of their lives. Research shows that kids who play sports are healthier and more satisfied with life than those who do not.

Being part of a close-knit team is good for self esteem too. Whether it is the support of a fellow teammate or the satisfaction of defeating more talented opponents, the experience of playing sport can help children learn to manage stress and build confidence.

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