How to Write Good News

News is an important aspect of mass media. It informs, educates and entertains. This is especially true of national publications which reach a much wider audience than local newspapers. This can include information on world events that affect the nation and even individuals, as well as a variety of social issues.

In order to write a good news article it is important to know what makes something newsworthy. This means thinking about the who, what, where, when and why of a particular event. It also involves researching the subject to find factual information and ensuring that any opinions or statements that you make are sourced from a credible source that has been vetted.

Once you have an idea of what might be a good news story, the next step is to start writing. The best way to do this is to start with a snappy headline that will catch the attention of the reader and give a sense of what your article is about. Then draft the main points of your story, using the inverted pyramid structure to guide you.

Finally, add any quotes that will help to bring the story to life. This can be an expert who has some technical insight, or someone with a unique perspective on the topic, such as a member of the public. This will help to ensure that the story is not too dry and that it remains interesting for your audience.

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