Home Improvement – Boosting Your Home’s Value

Home improvement

Home improvement refers to the repairs, maintenance and modernization of residential real property. This includes construction or installation of structures such as driveways, fences and porches. Home improvement also encompasses work on landscaping, repairing or replacing of insulation, and adding decorative items such as fountains to a garden.

Almost all homes need some form of home improvements. Some projects are urgent and must be completed, such as fixing a leaky roof or restoring a broken window. Other projects may have a more long-term effect on the property, such as kitchen or bathroom remodels. Home improvement can be a great way to boost a home’s resale value. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all renovations pay off. According to a report from Zonda Media, homeowners only receive about a 60% return on their investment in home renovations.

A homeowner who hires a contractor to carry out home improvement projects should have a written contract with the contractor. This should include a description of the work to be performed, a payment schedule and as much specificity about the materials to be used as possible, including brand names and colors. The contract should also specify when the work will begin and when it will be substantially completed.

Some of the most popular home improvements are sparkling bathroom overhauls and big-ticket kitchen and basement renovations. In addition to boosting home value, these projects are usually quick and easy to complete, making them popular with DIYers. As a result, many TV shows feature these types of projects, such as HGTV’s Fixer Upper and This Old House. Tool makers such as Stanley have even made home improvement ads that emphasize the shared bonding experience of fathers and sons working on renovation projects together.

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