Differentiating News From Non-News


The main purpose of the news media is to inform and educate. However, some people also want to be entertained by the news. In such cases, they may read a humorous article or listen to radio news. In either case, the news should be differentiated from non-news material. Listed below are some examples of non-news topics:

The most popular types of news stories are those involving people. These stories are often about people who are famous or have a high profile. These individuals can either be victims of a crime or be the subject of a scandal. Other types of news stories concern money, such as news about lost or made fortunes. Other topics include taxes and food prices. Even stories about sex can make headlines.

Online newspapers are a good source of news. Most of these sources are unbiased and provide fast, comprehensive, and usually objective news. News agencies feed these publications with stories, so they are often able to provide accurate information. These media outlets can also have teleprompters so that journalists don’t need to constantly rewrite their scripts.

The role of news in the digital age is changing. Young audiences are increasingly exposed to news in indirect ways. Social media and news websites are competing with other forms of entertainment.

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