Automobiles are land vehicles that have four wheels and an engine or motor to make them move. The name automobile comes from the Greek word auto, which means “self.”

Cars are useful for a wide variety of people and industries. They allow people to travel long distances, go shopping, and do other activities.

They are also good for transporting large items, such as appliances and furniture. They are safe and reliable.

An important part of an automobile is the body. The body helps protect passengers, provides space for storage, and houses the systems that make the vehicle run. The body can be made of metal or plastic and is usually designed to crumple in a crash.

A car’s body must meet a number of standards, such as safety, size, and weight. It must also be attractive to the public.

Some types of cars include convertibles, which have a roof that can be opened or taken off for an open-air drive; roadsters, which are sportier and more fast; and SUVs, which can hold more people than other kinds of cars.

The automobile is a complex system that has developed over the past century. It includes a body, chassis, engine, and drivetrain.

It also features a suspension system, which is used to keep the car stable. Most cars have independent front and rear suspension, which allows the wheels to absorb shocks and bumps in the road surface.

The automobile has been an important part of human life and the economy for many years. It has shaped the social, political, and economic history of nations around the world.

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