Are You in a Relationship?


Relationships are associations, bonds or connections between people. Typically, when people say they are in a relationship, they are referring to a romantic relationship involving emotional intimacy and some level of ongoing commitment and monogamy (either sexual or non-sexual). But other types of relationships can also be considered to be in a relationship:

A healthy relationship involves the ability to communicate effectively and avoid misunderstandings. This includes being able to express oneself openly and honestly, but also listening to the other person without judgement. It means putting in the effort to understand what the other person is saying, and double checking to make sure they have understood you correctly.

It also involves a sense of stability and permanence, and being secure enough that you can give each other space and do things that are your own. It might mean sharing a hobby, like taking a cooking class together or learning a new language, but it could also be as simple as scheduling a regular couple time to watch movies on the couch or going out for dinner on your own once in a while.

It can be challenging to balance a relationship with work, family and friends. Having the support of a partner can help reduce the toll that stress can take on you, and it can also help you maintain your happiness and self-esteem. Research suggests that people who have close relationships are healthier and have more fulfilling lives.

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